Murray Gusseck

Asher Fulero Band, Bridgetown Brass, Emulator, Fresh Track, Kris Deelane & The Hurt, Protogasm, Timberline Effect, Mars Retrieval Unit
Portland, Organ

Murray's Kit


  • Snare Drums
    • Birch  14″x 5-3/4″
    • R.A.D. series  14” x 6-1/4″
    • Birch   13″ x 6-1/4″
  • Bass Drums
    • Maple 18″ x 14″ , 22” x 18”
  • Rack Tom
    • Maple  8″ x 7″ , 10″ x 8″ , 12″ x 8″
  • Floor Tom
    • Maple  14″ x 14″ , 16″ x 16″

Murray Gusseck (@murraygusseck) is considered an innovator in the world of marching percussion. He marched as a tenor player in the Santa Clara Vanguard from 1988–1992 and went on to instruct the group for many years afterward in a variety of capacities. In the eighteen years he was a part of the SCV organization, he received many accolades as a player, teacher, and composer.Known for a unique compositional style and a propensity for achieving a smooth, drumset- oriented approach to the marching percussion genre, he also helped start a trend of drum line “parking lot” shows in the early 90s by writing showcase etudes for the battery ensemble to play during their pre-show warm-up routines. In 1998, Gusseck teamed up with Jim Casella to co-found Tapspace Publications, a percussion sheet music publisher. With humble beginnings, the company went from being a marching percussion side project based on the marching compositions of its two founders to a real force in the world of percussion music. Gusseck proudly endorses Brooks Drums, Remo drumheads and is a signature artist for Vic Firth. He has presented clinics across America as well as in Japan,Thailand, and Singapore. He currently lives in the Pacific Northwest where he co-manages Tapspace and plays drums in Portland-based bands such as FreshTrack, Garcia Birthday Band, Life During Wartime, Mars Retrieval Unit, and others.