Vented Snare

Are you ready to let us vent?

We just want to give the drummer some of our Brooks Drum Vented Snare Drum, that’s all. We are serious drum makers and know what drummers have sought after in a snare drum. The snare drum that gives you the sound you need, when you need it, no matter what music you are playing, live or in the studio.

A Brooks Vented Snare Drum harnesses an incendiary expression of sound that allows you to achieve unmeasurable layers of sensitivity and articulation with each and every stroke. The vented snare drum is so dynamic when played, it will leave you never knowing where this drum ends and you begin. This snare drum just becomes an extension of you. With a wide dynamic range of warmth and response, you need to put a stick to the head of a Brooks Drum Vented Snare and feel that good feeling again.




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