Custom Snare Drums

Brooks Custom Snare Drums

Our custom snare drums start with maple and birch shells made from 100% choice North American hard woods.They are constructed using  the same staggered seam lamination as all our shells. This process enhances the integrity, strength and overall performance of the shell. By machining our snare bed and bearing edges into every shell, we consistently produce a snare drum that has fantastic head response, crisp articulation and great Sensitivity.

Custom Maple Snare Drum - Brooks Drum 7x13    Brookscustom maple snare drum

A custom snare drum with warmth, great presence, and plenty of projection. All of our snares feature chrome hardware,  dependable snare throw offs and classic tube lugs for the ultimate simplicity and style.

maple snare      maple snare     15-ply Snares: Built with AAA grade select Maple on the outside and inside face veneers. Our specially designed ply configuration, delivers great head response, Crisp articulation and exceptional projection. These 15-ply Snare drums are available in 14″ diameter standard snares and vented snare drums in any of our finishes and depths to 7″.

vented snare      vented snareVented snares: Not your typical vented snare drum. Full bodied sound dried out just a bit, very sensitive and controllable. A different sound and feel and overall fantastic sounding custom snare to add to one’s toolbox. Surprisingly quit a versatile snare drum, covers a broad rang of musical styles , works well in a live setting or for studio work as well.

 Snare Drum Specs:

  • Maple Snares:
  • 10,12,13 and 14″
  • 7 mm – 10 ply
  • 10mm – 15 ply (14″ only)
  • Birch Snares :
  • 10,12,13 and 14″
  • 5.5 mm – 8ply
  • 7 mm – 10 ply