Jason Willer

Jason Willer

  Was born in 1978 and grew up in Clayton, CA. Raised in a large Mormon family, he became aware of his passion for drumming at the age of 10, when he’d bang on empty buckets his mother used to store wheat for the coming apocalypse. At age 15, Jason joined a punk band called TFM, or Teenagers from Mars, followed by a lengthy stint, from 1996 to 2004, in the Enemies, who were signed to Lookout! Records—the same label that helped turn Green Day and Rancid into household names.

In 2001, Jason Willer  landed a gig as the drummer for Britain’s legendary punk band the UK Subs, which led to sold-out shows and international touring. He moved to Germany, where in 2004 he started an anarchist-punk outfit called Cross Stitched Eyes. Two years later, he left the UK Subs and moved back to the Bay Area.

Devoting himself full-time to drumming, Jason began giving drum lessons, and after a brief run in a hardcore band called Drain the Sky, started the dark punk/doom band Alaric in 2008. After releasing a 7-inch, a full-length album, and a split LP on 20 Buck Spin, the band took a break. It was during this time, in 2013, that Nicky Garratt, Jason’s old band mate in the UK Subs, recruited him to play drums for two projects, Nik Turner’s Hawkwind and the prog band Hedersleben, both on Cleopatra Records. In 2015, Jason also recorded an album with experimental krautrock band Brainticket.

In early 2016 Jason was asked by one of his heroes, Jello Biafra of the legendary Dead Kennedy’s, to play in his band, the Guantanamo School of Medicine. That led to a month-long tour in Europe in June of 2016, during which time Jason recorded another album with Cross Stitched Eyes. He also reunited with his Alaric band mates to release that band’s sophomore album, End of Mirrors, which was put out on Neurot Recordings in May 2016. Jason continues to play with Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, Alaric, and Cross Stitched Eyes while teaching drums in Oakland. A versatile and consistent player, he focuses his drumming on what’s best for the music—regardless of the style.


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