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Great artist are very important and Brooks Drum is always in constant pursuit for the musician and educator’s who are dedicated to their work of making music. Gig after gig, class after class, it is you making it all happen. You are inspiring, educating and entertaining. Brooks Drum is very proud to offer an endorsement program for dedicated artists and educators. You are considered part of the Brooks Drum Company family and can always expect that kind of support for your needs. Contact us about our future!

Brooks Drum – – It’s About Time

Snare Buzz Happens


Brooks Drum Artist - David Flores

David M. Flores

Brooks Drum Artist - Alan Hall

Alan Hall

Megasonic Sound

Megasonic Sound

Jason Willer

Jason Willer

brooks drum company,jon arkin,peterbkaars

Jon Arkin


Joe Ganzelli

Ryan Glick , brooks drum

Ryan Glick

murray gusseck,tap space,brooks drum

Murray Gusseck